22 Alternative Uses for a Mandarin Peeling

1.- Biofuel
2.- Resource for hungry, hungry times
3.- A nice and cheap Christmas gift for someone you really, really hate (no need to wrap it)
4.- Fake orange peeling
5.- Cheap and effective face scrubber/massager
6.- Orange paint
7.- Stress ball (may need more than one peeling)
8.- Eye protection for sun basking/tanning bed
9.- Powerful yet not too tasty source of fibre
10.- A tool to threaten children. “Tidy your room or you will have to eat/be given/get massaged by the mandarin” (see 2, 3, 5, respectively)
11.- Provide a rich anecdote when you accidentally swallow a piece while typing and not paying attention at what you are really doing
12.- Cheap and not-so-effective ass scrubber/massager
13.- Disposable toothbrush (gentle with the gums, fierce with tartar)
14.- Give a good odour to your otherwise reeking wardrobe
15.- Put it on a duck to get an explanation for an otherwise nonsensical brand name
16.- Put it under the pillow in the morning to make your bed smell of mandarins
17.- Annoy your flatmates when they see a trail of them leading to you, a moment in which you’ll roar “AND YOU WILL KNOW US FOR THE TRAIL OF MANDARIN PEELINGS!!!”, providing them a rich anecdote, too
18.- Bookmark
19.- Stabilize that table/chair with a shorter leg
20.- Wake up in the middle of the night wondering what the fuck that rough and coarse thing under your pillow is
21.- See it burn (seeing things burn is always relaxing)
22.- Get a list of 22 alternative uses for something that is clear and completely useless

Número de familiares en el extranjero: 1. No use in reading it.



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