How to Come Back Home


Save the last one for the road and we’ll see if there is a tomorrow. There’s a party at the dead letter office, didn’t you hear they’re giving all their money away? Strobe lights, red and blue. Crooked traffic signs in pedestrian walks. Rays of sunlight in the middle of the night. Glasses raised to the ceiling, bottoms up. Repeated beats, twice celebrated. Christmas gifts by the end of January. Brand new lost emotional luggage is officially open, everyone’s invited. Awkward conversations on a chess board. Toothfills flying off, confused eyebrows, tongue twisters in foreign languages. Violent nods in the back seat of a car. Dance, even though we ran out of slack some weeks ago. There must be some exit here so I say there is and then it’s true. We both know that’s just not going to happen but let’s pretend it’s going to be like that anyway. Anyway. Anyway. Anyway. Anyway.

Número de familiares en el extranjero: 1. DLO.



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